About Us

About Us

Snyders & Associates is a multi-disciplinary legal firm based in Somerset West, and is the proud successor of the Heunis & Heunis Attorneys legacy first founded by the late Chris Heunis and his brother, Jim, in George in 1951 and continued in 1989 with the opening of a law firm in Somerset West by Chris and his son, Jakkie Heunis.

Proficient in fields of commercial law, family law, labour law, civil litigation and property law the firm has the aptitude to offer the solution to diverse legal matters.

The firm continues to provide exceptional service to clients, be they private individuals, large (local and international) corporates and institutions from the public sector.  We have successfully steered countless clients through the legal complexities that our modern and ever changing world present.

For decades we have been and continue to be involved in a multitude of exciting and successful commercial, industrial and residential property developments.  Our specialised and experienced property law department is able to provide solutions for the most complex matters.

Our property transfer department delivers excellent and hands on service to effect property transfers, not only with speed and efficiency, but with an understanding of the feelings of all the people involved.  Our attorneys and conveyancers are involved every step of the way.

With our offices based in Somerset West, we are conveniently located to attend to legal matters, not only in the Helderberg basin, Cape Town, Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas, but in the Western Cape and further afield.  Our close proximity to Cape Town International Airport makes it even easier to see us.  In short, we serve clients from all over the world, wherever the need arises.


Old fashioned values, with innovative skilled legal service, equip us to confidently offer you our services that will serve you well.

Our clients’ best interests are all-important to us.  We therefore do our best to render excellent service with unquestionable integrity.  We want our services to be efficient, accurate and punctual.

When advising our clients and handling matters entrusted to us, we are not only aiming to render a once-off service, but to establish and foster long-standing relationships of service.


Our firm stands for justice and honesty.


We are available to our clients and flexible in accommodating our clients’ needs.  We meet – or, preferably – exceed our clients’ expectations and provide our services at a price that reflects our dedication, knowledge, expertise and experience.

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